TKD Benefits

The Effects of Tae Kwon Do Training

1.      Respect.  Manners.

Respect is to be careful with the words and actions within one’s social life and relationship with others.  Respect derives from a valuable order and must become the basis.  Through the training in Taekwondo, which includes various methods of studying, one will be able to apply these methods in learning about the necessity of good manners and in becoming a healthy member of society.


Through the training in Taekwondo, one learns good manners and practices them in life.  One considers food first to the elder and younger sibling, tries to develop a habit of yielding and is guided so he will be able  to develop a harmonious relationship with others.



2.      Patience and endurance

In Taekwondo, one is able to attain technical polishing through physical training and repeat motion. 

Striking with speed and accuracy, breathing strength, and competition are basic training improvements.  Demonstration training course, which includes pure foot power, agility, technical polishing of self-defense, are characteristics that will help one become confident and rise to a higher rank belt.

This is Taekwondo’s mindset to foster patience and endurance. 


3.      Leadership

Leadership is the ability to lead a group as a leader and  the ability to develop maintenance.  Leadership is also the capacity to help the members of a group o that they will achieve their goals with complete satisfaction.

Through a continuous training of Taekwondo, one will be able to develop as a leader and will be divided according to group, rank, grade, and belt in order to enhance one’s leadership skills.

Posture (poomse) contest, speech contest, soccer match, survival game, competition, and other games will prepare one to adapt and gain insight in attaining the strength to become a future leader.


4.      Sociability

One’s character and sociability to adapt to living well in a group is attained through Taekwondo training, which promotes achievement, equality, and sound mind.  These characteristics will form a healthy spirit.


Children who lack sociability do not have many opportunities to play with their friends because they were raised alone without any siblings and therefore are constantly forced to participate in extra-curricular activities.


Taekwondo training includes both schools sports and other various leisure sports.  Children are able to escape from both their school and academy life and relieve their stress.  Furthermore, through contest, one will be able to taste the satisfaction and a challenging victory.


5.      Confidence

Confidence is most important to children.

Through Taekwondo training, a sound body and mind build confidence, and courage is attained as a result.  All things of Taekwondo education are attained through confidence and become visible through one’s actions.

Mother! Please give me the opportunity to choose and decide what I intend to do by myself.


6.      Concentration

Parents who come to consult for the first time at the Taekwondo academy wonder if their child becomes distracted.,  When parents witness the difference in their child’s confidence,  they often think that their child is distracted.  However, this is merely a difference in their thoughts and opinions.

A child improves his or her concentration through Taekwondo training and its repeats.  This becomes evident through one’s confidence.

A child who us usually distracted improves his or her concentration through Taekwondo training and this is proven through the duration of training and its results.

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